Friday, June 29, 2012

IMC 2012 - Painting & People are awesome

A couple last items regarding IMC 2012 and that should just about cover everything. I have some images of the painting I was going to work on as well as some images of why people I know are so awesome.

I piece I was going to do this year was based on a Science Fiction short story supplied to us. I really enjoyed the story and was looking forward to working on this piece. It went through several iterations as I worked on the composition. It began as a really complex image and I slowly streamlined it down to the moment in the story I felt most strongly about and that I wanted to illustrate. Not sure how much I can talk about the actual story at this time and I would hate to spoil it for anyone that wanted to read it. I will say I spent a lot of time planning it out, shooting reference, and working on the drawing. My main goal at IMC this year was to learn how to use color, light, and value better. Little did I know in the hour and a half I actually was able to spend in the studio that Pete Mohrbacher was going to show me a new way to go about creating my under painting that was going to turn the way I paint on its ear. You will get to see the results of that hour and a half with Pete beginning in August. To be honest, I am not sure if I will ever return to my IMC piece and finish it up, but I am looking forward to having time to work on some personal work. Here are some images of the piece...

 This is the original drawing, it was hard to not make the piece all about the spilling guts...

After notes and feedback from the critique I made quick digital revision. I had already planned to extend the image to remove the tangent with the foot, but I had several people point out to me that it was needed.

1.5 hours or there about of working on the under painting and learning how to better construct the under painting. It was a bit of a fight at first and I was resistant to change, but I have since seen the light... and value... and color... I am not putting that time to good use.

Like a beaten dead horse I have mentioned that I was sick and pretty much was bed ridden for all of IMC. As much as that sucked and was a horrible experience my fellow IMC attendees went out of their way to make sure I knew I was missed and that kinda made things a lot better. I received a couple of care packages during the week and I would like to share some of it with you. There are a LOT of people I need to thank and I am just can't remember all the names I need to, I blame the fever. If you are missed, I am VERY sorry and please understand I greatly appreciate everything and your kindness did not go unnoticed. The first care package was a selection of books (brought to IMC by Lauren Panepinto and Orbit Books) gathered up by Julia L. Singh as well as drawings and notes from friends...

 By Drew Baker - THANKS DREW!

 By Michelle Papadopoulos - THANKS MICHELLE!

 By Steve Argyle - THANKS STEVE!

By Kari Christensen - THANKS KARI!

The second super awesome thing to be delivered to me was James Gurney's Color and Light book and it was just packed with drawings, notes, well wishes, and awesome. I was overwhelmed with how great this great this is and awesome it was that so many folks added to it. MANY MANY MANY thanks to everyone involved in this. It is super amazing and will be a cherished item for me...

 I will let Marc Scheff have the last word... Thanks Marc :P

That is all for a packed week on the blog and for my posts regarding IMC 2012. I will be returning to my usual publishing schedule next week. Until then...

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  1. You really do have some awesome buds/mates/chums. The best of them include tentacles and of course zombie gunslingers ;) Marc Scheff really knows how to kick a guy when he's down.

  2. Marc is a great guy and our mom comments have a history so it was totally expected and appreciated :)