Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illustration Master Class 2012 - Day 7

The end of another IMC had arrived just in time for me to leave my dorm room and start moving around again. It took a lot of effort that morning, but I was finally able to get myself moving again and to shake off some of the sickness haze. It took almost everything I had to get back to the studio to pack up my equipment and afterwards I needed a little rest, but thankfully as the day continued I finally began to feel better. I was able to have a look around the studios to see all the amazing art that had been created over the week. Then there was the closing lecture in the auditorium which unfortunately for me only drove home just how much I had missed by being bed ridden all week. After closing announcements everyone got their work spaces packed up and displayed their art for the open gallery in the afternoon. A lot of that time is spent swapping sketchbooks, looking at all the work, and socializing. Here are some images of the events of the day...

I finally felt like opening the shades and windows and finally got some much needed fresh air and sunshine. The weather was really nice that last day and helped with my mood.

I timed my return to the digital studio to ensure I had it to myself so I could pack things up at my own pace. It went quickly, but you would think I had to move the entire room with the way I felt after moving a single computer and monitor. It went quickly and smoothly and the one thing I had to accomplish for the day was behind me.

 Here is Brom's work area with the demo piece he worked on.

Pete Mohrbacher is well on his way to having a awesome painting.

Aaron Miller was struck down by something halfway through the week and did not get as much done as he would have liked. He had some different symptoms then me, but I still felt like I had some hand in him being sick.

 Cynthia Sheppard finished he most excellent Tarzan painting.

 Noah Bradly also completed his Tarzan painting.

A view of the ground floor painting studio. I never actually got a chance (or felt well enough) to look around this studio until today.

We are all gathered again for closing announcements, recap video, and acknowledgements of the guidance and help provided by the faculty.

 Standing ovations to the stellar faculty.

Gifts were presented to faculty... super awesome hand made monster bags. Really cool and the photo does not even remotely does them justice.

Another look around the ground floor studio during the open gallery. Some of the faculty were doing a signing and had books and prints available. Looks of sketchbooks were getting passed around and much fun was being had.

As things came to a close and the galleries were emptied one by one everyone broke into small groups for dinner and socializing. I had just enough energy in me for a really nice dinner with Pete and Aaron and then some celebratory ice cream. There was much more socializing and revelry to be had that evening but I had two days of driving ahead of me and needed to be at the top of my game for that. I retired early and tried my best to get some rest in perpetration of heading home.

See you back here tomorrow for some images of the drive home and on Friday I will have some images of the piece I had plan to work on at IMC as well as some other surprises. Until then...

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