Monday, January 23, 2012

Spectrum... Once more with FEELING!

It's that time again! What time you ask? It's that time to get the ego squarely knocked back down to its' proper place. Which can only mean one thing, the Spectrum deadline is fast approaching. If you haven' heard of Spectrum, by all means check out my post last year on this very subject! There is of course the Spectrum website!

The submission deadline for Spectrum 19 is this upcoming Friday and according to my tracking code my entries were delivered this past Friday. Hopefully they arrived in one piece and were not folded in half. I did all I could to ensure that they would at least remain dry. This is the second year that I have submitted work and like last year I am not kidding myself about my chances of getting into the publication. Mind you, I feel a ton more confident in what I submitted this year compared to last. It is after all a publication of the 'BEST OF THE BEST'. Oh look, a pretty picture...

Spectrum 19 submission poster by Rebecca Guay

There is an amazing line up for the judges this year and I do not envy the difficult job ahead of them in trying to select the line up for Spectrum 19. I hate popularity contests and I hate having to compare myself to others and having them compared to myself. But I think that is just the underlining nature of the beast when it comes to art and things that involved the esoteric judging mechanics of a person's opinions snd feelings. You can't win if you don't try and you can't have winners without losers. ...not really sure losers is anywhere near the proper or accurate term.

Anyway, that all said, I picked the 5 pieces I felt that were my strongest, printed them out at their best quality and sent them out into the world for judging. I cross my fingers. Expect the worst. And maybe, just maybe, hold onto a little hope that this year will be the year I did my very best.

(1994) "It would be amazing to be in a book like Spectrum..." - status: incomplete

That is all for another Monday, see you back here on Wednesday for something NEW! Until then...

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