Friday, January 28, 2011

Spectrum... an attempt to up my seriouness

There was one final action I took in 2010 to get More Serious that I have not yet mentioned... I submitted to Spectrum for the first time. Those not familiar with Spectrum should head over to their website. Basically, they are the go to annual review publication that features "the best in contemporary fantastic art". Or simply put, the BEST of the BEST!

I generally don't like to talk about things that are not finalized or that will result in a blow to my ego when I am not selected. All that aside, I felt it is important to mention that I have stepped up and have thrown my name into the Spectrum hat. Another reason I am mentioning it now, is that today happens to be the deadline for submissions for Spectrum 18 and it reminded me I hadn't talked about it yet.

Spectrum 18 submission poster by Bill Carman

I am not kidding myself with the chances of making it into Spectrum 18 but I needed to start trying. Every year they get the best of the best from artist all over the world... and I am an artist... from this world... so I sent them my best. Like I said, I am trying to get more serious about my work and that means taking my work seriously and submitting to the most important annual publications for fantastic art. My peers and friends have begun submitting and are getting published so I figured I need to step up as well. I won't say how many or which pieces I submitted, I have to have my secrets. So here I sit with my fingers crossed waiting for word that probably won't come... but there will always be next year!

Spectrum (and more) cover gallery from the Spectrum website.

On a side note... back in 1994 I worked at a comics and games store and one week we got in this thick book filled with page after page of amazing artwork. It was a new annual called Spectrum. Since it was the first one and no one knew if there were going to be any more I bought it and was mesmerized. I clearly remember thinking to myself that I will never be as good or as creative as anyone in that book, never in a million years. So it is not lost on me that 17 years later I have submitted my own work to Spectrum. I most likely will not make it in, but I have finally submitted my work... and there is that off chance I will get one piece in!

Good luck to all who have submitted! May our talents be recognized and out flaws ignored!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog! See you on Monday! Until then...

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  1. Quite right sir - you can't win if you don't play. You produce some really nice work - I have no doubt you'll make it in Spectrum.

  2. Best of luck dude! I think you've got a really good chance. This is probably my third time submitting, but I took a two year break until this year. Fingers crossed!

  3. Good luck - it's my first year submitting too!

  4. Awesome post, Chris! And good luck with your submissions! This is the first year I've submitted work in 3 years, so I'm quite nervous ;) Your work is killer so I'm sure you'll get in! Now we play the waiting game.... haha

  5. Thanks for all the votes of confidence everybody! :D Good luck right back to you guys as well. Let's hope we all hear some good news in the coming months!