Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring cleaning to start the new year

For the last several years January has been a big time for self reflection and planning... but I thank that is a fairly common reaction to the start of the year. I have already talked about the year in review now I am looking ahead. More importantly, I am looking ahead in how I and my work is represented online... I am looking at you, ONLINE GALLERIES. The purge is coming!

Well, it has already kind of begun... Starting last month I have begun cleaning things up online, making sure online are up to date and tidy. Even though I am still in the process of giving my entire web site a face lift I went through and really cleaned house last month. I was a little embarrassed to see some of the work I still had up there. I was slacking in the self promotions department big time by having really out dated work on my website while newer work was painfully absent. I made sure the work on my site represents the type and quality I want to produce. Since my galleries are still small on the site I made sure to have up a temporary 'best of' page while the site gets overhauled. Not a perfect solution, but it gives the viewer a chance to see the work larger.

Having taken care of the more important location last month, I am turning my attention to the web site with the largest online gallery of my work, Deviant Art. I created my DA account just under two years ago and I have been uploading work there often. There has been little to no editing all this time and it is very much overdue. I sent out a journal post over the weekend stating my intentions to purge my galleries in the coming week and to have last looks because work will be going away forever.

Deviant Art - the purge will begin this week!

Removing art will not be my only goal, I also want to better organize the work there so that people interest in a particular branch of my work can find it. Work for Pathfinder and Fantasy Flight Games with be getting their own galleries. This is something that I should have gotten around to sooner, part of self promotion is making sure your best foot is forward with your galleries. And remember, I have said this before, art directors judge you on the WORST piece in your portfolio and not your best. So now is a good time to get rid of all those weakest links!

That is all for today, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Hey Chris

    Do you think it's important to clean up the deviantART gallery?, I have some veeery old works in my gallery, some from when I was at school, I can't help but think it's nice to see where I started, and where I am now.

    Of course professionally no one cares about that, but it's very obvious that some examples are outdated.

  2. Hey there Felipe,

    This is really a personal decision. For me, the older work I plan to remove just REALLY bothers me. I can't see any good over the all the problems I see in the pieces. I know some people still want to see these pieces, but that is what the blog is for. Everything is archived there chronologically so you can see the growth and development. To me, the galleries on DA put everything on an equal footing. Like I said, this is a personal choice and you very well might want to have older pieces up to show that growth. My choice to do this is to more streamline the work I have there. Most will remain... but the pieces that I will be deleting have to go! :)