Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you everyone!

I wanted to take today to thank everyone who has recently started following me on twitter as well as subscribing to my blog, be it through Facebook, Google or Blogspot, not to mention watching me on Deviantart. I have noticed and I greatly appreciate everyone's time and interest. I hope I provide interesting content and relevant information about the projects I work on and the methods I use to create my work. It means a lot to me, because I can't fathom why you all are doing it ;)

I know I have not had a lot of newer work to show lately, not for trying though, 2009 is looking like my busiest year yet. In many ways everything I have been showing lately is new to but a small group of people that worked on these projects. My newer work is coming, we all must be patient. I am rather shocked when I think about just how much I have been working on this year and really look forward to showing it all off when the times comes.

Enough of my yammering, I have a deadline on Friday followed by some really exciting stuff in September. Can't wait to get started on that work! Again, thank you everyone! I am humbled by your interest and comments. Since I can't leave you without something to look at, here are some of the drawing that went into the Dragonborn armor I worked on, enjoy!

If you look carefully you might see where some things changed between these approved sketches and the final paintings.

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  1. Out of curiosity, when it comes to these armor designs, do you find that one element of the design will lead you to think of the other larger elements? Or do you start knowing pretty much exactly what you're going to do?

  2. For the armor in general my goal was to create an overall form that looked good or was ascetically pleasing. Of all the races I worked on I received the most art direction and notes for the Dragonborn armor. The notes would sometimes be very specific, describing the lengths of different layers, the types of edging, how much detail, etc. By the time I got to the Genasi race the art notes would be something along the lines of 'male chain armor'. Each had their pluses and minuses. Overall though, it was the larger arrangement of forms that I started each set of armor with. Each race has their own detailing elements that make the armor unique to them but you need to have a set of larger forms that look good and work as armor. In many ways that was the biggest challenge for the armor, the fine line between something that looks cool and unique and something that is in fact usable armor. I had a silhouette of the body form of that race that I would work on top of to lay out the forms. Sometime I would have something in mind before I began and others took a lot more work to visualize.