Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shocktroop Devil

I featured my pieces last week that appeared in the new Monster Manual 2. Another monster that I had a hand in creating also graced the pages of the MM2, the Shocktroop Devil. I designed this Devil for the Against the Giants expansion of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures under the art direction of Stacy Longstreet. They were looking for a new type of Devil, a large fierce warrior, armored and terrible. I got right to work.

First pass, everything starts somewhere. There are things about this one I really like, the shield not one of them.

Second pass, revision notes in, changes made.

Third Pass, more notes and a fresh start. Much better shield. Again, things I like, things I don't.

A new direction completely. They wanted a specific feel I had not been hitting on. With this one, I landed very close to the target. At this point I was keeping the drawing very loose and very light and darkening it on the computer. I was sending versions to Stacy and editing them really quickly to narrow down the direction they wanted.

Getting closer still. The horns continue to get attention and he needs to appear to be fast, so he gets thinned down a bit.

Thinner still, smaller horns... I think we have it!

The finalized turnaround with and with out shield. An image of the finalized miniature can be found here.

Some more of my behind the scenes design work crept up in one other place in the MM2. If you look real close at the Genasi you will see armor deigns I created a while back. I am pretty sure I can not share any of that work off yet, but you can get a glimpse of it in the MM2.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this process. I love to see behind the scenes..