Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dreamblade - 14th time is the charm

I have been thinking a lot about revisions lately as well as creatures with single eyes. This has all manifested in another blast from the Dreamblade past. Today I bring forth the Caged Grawlth and his many eye options. I worked with Art Director Stacy Longstreet on this set of Dreamblade. The notes from Stacy on the first version of the Grawlth was that his eye felt sad or sympathetic and needed to be more fierce or scary. I whipped up a bunch of eye options and sent them back in.

First version of the Caged Grawlth followed by 6 variations.

None of these seem to hit the mark. Either they were still not scary or not readable as an eye. I got back to the drawing board and came up with 7 new variations.

7 more variations, but we have a winner with lucky number 13!

With an approved front I moved forward with the rest of the views.

Final Caged Grawlth turn around with production miniature.

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