Monday, April 30, 2018

TIME Show - Keeper of the Clocks

I am happy to announce that my recent piece, Keeper of the Clocks, will be appearing at Haven Gallery as part of the TIME show. In fact, Keeper of the Clocks is the featured piece as part of their promotion for the show! The show is curated by Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire (the folks behind IX), and I am THRILLED to be a part of it. The show opens May 19th and runs through June 23rd. While I will not be able to make it to the show, I imagine there will be many artists from the show on hand for the opening reception.

May 19th - June 23rd, 2018
155 Main St., Northport, NY

This will be the first time one of my big environmental pieces for The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia will be out in the wild, and it will be available to purchase at the gallery. The rest of the pieces will remain on hold till the Kickstarter for the book, but this piece will be up for grabs as part of the TIME show. To do it justice, we got the piece done up in a nice new custom frame, and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Also got it a nice new shipping box. Spared no expense to make sure the Keeper looked her best and made it safely to New York.

Keep of the Clocks - framed and ready for shipment

While I had planned this piece all along for my project, I actually had to move it to the front of the queue to make the show deadline. Really glad it worked out this way since it gave me a little more pressure to get it done, and I am really happy with how this one turned out.

Detail of the frame

If you are attending TIME, be sure to check out Marc Scheff's solo show, Depth Charge, which is also at Haven Gallery and run concurrent to TIME. I am sure it will be an amazing show with the quality of work Marc has been putting out lately.

Marc Scheff
Depth Charge

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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