Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Illuxcon 2015 Preparations

Illuxcon 2015 is upon us! Many are already on their way to Allentown, PA for five days of AMAZING and AWESOME art. I hope that you find yourselves among those attending because Illuxcon is really a special time filled with great people and great art. I have said it plenty of times while sharing my adventures each year, Illuxcon has had a profound effect on my career as an artist. This year will be no different, especially because I will be part of the Weekend Salon for the first time!

I have been preparing for my time in the Weekend Salon for weeks and I am hoping I didn't forget anything. At the moment, I am more concerned that I have packed too much! Better too much then too little, right? Because I am shipping the majority of my show to Allentown I had to start prepping weeks in advance. These preparations included completing several new paintings and drawings, organizing and prepping a huge addition to the drawings I will be offering, and getting everything either packed for shipping on crammed into suitcases. No small task, especially as I work it all around work and life. As long as the boxes arrive in Allentown safely and the day of flights to get to Allentown go smoothly, the rest will work itself out.

I have some pics and peaks at the boxes and cases and some general preparation stuff... if you are so interested...

Some, but not all of the framed paintings and drawings waiting to get boxed up for shipping.

One of the carry on suitcases on its way to being absolutely filled to the brim...

...and the second carry on suitcase that might have just a little more space in it.

A bit box of drawings for all your big box of drawings needs.

Carry on suitcases and a backpack full of unframed paintings and drawings ready to go to Allentown!

All the framed work is packed, padded, and secure for its long journey to Allentown.

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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