Friday, June 19, 2015

Adventures in Venice - 2015

In May the wife and I went on adventures in Italy and Germany. During our adventures I took 4200+ photos, many of which are potential reference and inspiration. Today I have some images from our time in Italy to share with you. We started in Rome and then returned to Venice for a brief visit. Today, I have images from Venice.

Returning to Venice allowed us to see our favorite places again and to explore things we missed before. We also arrived by a different route to this most magical of cities. This time around we took the train up from Rome so it allowed us to see the country side of Italy which is very beautiful in its own right. Upon arriving we got settled and then headed out to the the island of Murano to eat at one of out favorite restaurants to enjoy some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. The rest of our time in Venice was spent wandering the streets exploring and simply taking in the city and enjoying the magic of Venice. Here are but a small number of my photos from Venice...

When you walk out of the train station this is the first thing you see. The automatic doors slide open and you are facing the Grand Canal and the glory that is Venice.

One of the many beautiful buildings you can see along the Grand Canal. The water buses are a great way to see the sites and give your legs a little rest, because you are going to walk for hours and hours!

Even the hospital in Venice is a magnificent building.

A detail of a column in front of the Venice hospital. One of the things I love about Venice... monsters EVERYWHERE!

A pair of Hippocamps on the facade of the Venice hospital.

We were fortunate enough to be back in St. Mark's Square at golden hour and the architecture was alive with light and color. Everything was aglow in the light of the setting sun and it was thrilling to see.

You can learn a lot about light and color by seeing this first hand.

Love the shadows and light that the architecture creates.

My favorite image from this visit to Venice. This says it all to me and brings back so many memories.

One of the many mask shops in Venice. This one is just off of St. Mark's Square and is one of my favorites.

The Frari Church or Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (or just Frari) is one of favorite churches to visit in Venice. It is FULL of monsters and some of the most unique and interesting sculptures and displays. If you go to Venice, you owe it to yourself to visit the Frari.

Just look at this thing! Black skinned giants and black skeletons leading up to the ceiling... have you ever seen such a thing? Simply beautiful to behold!

Who doesn't like a good reliquary?

A closer view of the giants and skeletons. LOVE the details like the tore clothes that expose the black skin.

There is also a massive pyramid with a winged lion and several figures. The handling of the lion and the expression is so great. You can read all of the symbolism and meaning behind all of this at the church.

When visiting Venice you will find yourself at the Rialto, and when you do you must visit the best jewelry store in all of Venice, Jovon. It is owned by our friend Marco Jovon and his family has been selling jewelry on the Rialto since 1934. Stop by and have a look at all of the amazing and beautiful things his family creates!

All images © 2015 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here next week! Until then...

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