Monday, May 5, 2014

Skarlock Commander - Warmachine - Privateer Press

For today's post I have something all the way from 2011 that is finally out in the world. That something would be none other then the Skarlock Commander which is the second miniature I ever designed for Privateer Press. So those that play Warmachine can now enjoy the mighty Skarlock Commander...

Skarlock Commander (final design)
© 2014 Privateer Press

Skarlock Commander (final pose)
© 2014 Privateer Press

More or less I think this piece weathered the production process fairly intact. There are always the changes that need to occur so that the piece can actually be created. Here is how the final production turned out...

Skarlock Commander final production miniature
(Image courtesy of Privateer Press)

I was working on this piece at the same time I was working on Raluk Moorclaw. As with Raluk, I am not sure I have any great earth shattering story or anecdote to go along with this design. It was just a lot of time and work to get familiar with the project IP and to try to make something very cool. I worked very closely with the Privateer Press Art Director at the time, Chris Walton, and he got me through it all and was a great source of feedback, design notes, and art direction. Though I lack stories I can share with you is a WHOLE ton of concepts, roughs, and monster drawings...

Various Skarlock Commander roughs, concepts, and design evolutions
ALL are © 2014 Privateer Press

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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