Friday, March 28, 2014

Jaynestown Statue, there and back again - Firefly

Funny how things work out.

On Monday, I shared with you some images of the Jayne Cobb statue that I was in charge of constructing for the show, Firefly. Not only did that post BLOW UP on reddit (thanks for the traffic everybody!), but I was contacted by Mike Schotte, who it turns out, owns the remains of the Jayne Cobb statue!

Mike acquired the head from Adam Baldwin who played Jayne Cobb awhile back and ever since he has been looking high and low for information and details on the origins of the statue. He has talked to a lot of people over the years but somehow we never crossed paths till now... and I had all the information he was looking for. Yays, INTERNETS!

Mike was nice enough to share with me some more current images of the Jayne Cobb statue. Sadly, my hands are not in his collection. I had completely forgotten all about it, but thanks to these images I am reminded about the 'hero' statue head bust that we made as a gift to Adam Baldwin. You can see the details in the original statue that were lost when the statue was covered in mud on set.

Mike has a great twitter account dedicated to the head, @Jayne_Statue.

Jayne Cobb statue... now with 94% less body.

I wonder if I signed it if it would be worth more or less?
Probably... less........

Jayne Cobb statue bust made as a gift by us for Adam Baldwin.

The happy family now live with Mike Schotte.
We did not make the sign, pretty sure props took care of that.
...if my memory serves me.

All images courtesy Mike Schotte

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. Chris, You made the Jaynestown statue? no way! that is soooo cool I LOVED Firefly when it came out, sadly axed before it had a chance (like to many cool shows, Firefly, Surface, Adventures of Brisco County Jr., makes me wonder wtf is wrong with Fox).

    1. Tell me about it... It is worse when you are working on the show and it is your job. I had a whole other life in the film and TV industry before getting into games and illustration. I am just now having a chance to share a lot of that work here on the blog.

  2. Oh and Tales of the Golden Monkey, LOVED that show.