Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gen Con 2013 - Day 4

All good things must come to an end and that includes Gen Con...

Gen Con Day 4! The last frantic fleeting moments of Sunday in Indianapolis. A lot of last minute purchases and wheeling and dealing are to be had on the last day. There is that weird moment when the closing hour arrives on the last day and the final announcements come over the intercom and the event hall roars with cheers and applause from the retailers and those working the con. We all survived another Gen Con and all that remains is packing up and going home.

For me, the most important events and happenings at Gen Con do not take place in the event hall... and sometimes don't even happen in Indianapolis. The seeds may be sown at Gen Con, but the real treasures that I get out of Gen Con happen in the personal interactions off the show floor and through out the following year. It is important to make sales and to have a great looking booth but for me I keep my eye on the long game. Selling a print to a random attendee dwarfs in comparison to strengthening friendships with fellow artist and art directors that I may only see once or twice a year. The people I go to see at Gen Con are more then just peers, clients, and friends... we are all doing this crazing art thing and all share common interests, experiences and up and downs in our lives. My wife talks about having "derby family" with those involved with her roller derby team, well, I have "art family" and it is so great to reconnect and have some fun with them. I guess that is really what Gen Con is for me...

Here are some images from the last day of Gen Con...

The booth is going through some changes on the last day... which is always nice.

The Three Dragons are going off to a new home and I wish them well!

So this is a thing apparently! Who knew? I certainly didn't... until now... RAWR!

The one and only Sam Flegal is taking home a certain Wookiee. A Wookiee I have not even had a chance to share here on the blog... I will remedy that soon. AND I totally stole this image of Sam's blog.

It all comes crashing down. I never think to take some photos of the con during tear down... until NOW.

Another view of a vastly different looking Gen Con.

Here we are at the end... Another successful Gen Con!

That is all for another exciting Gen Con wrap up, see you back here tomorrow for a return to normal blog activities! Until then...

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