Friday, May 25, 2012

Tumbing into Tumblr

I have finally and boldly arrived in the year 2007 and started up a Tumblr account! Wait, what?

Earlier this week I finally created an account over on Tumblr for four reasons: 1) I was finding myself more and more manually checking in on several folks accounts that I wanted to follow, 2) I realized Tumblr offered a venue for me to share stuff in a really informal way that my website, blog, or even Facebook does not allow, 3) I am allowing questions to be asked via my page, so I hope to be able to answer people's question on Tumblr or even expand them onto the blog, 4) and finally, to ensure that I maintain ownership over the 'Christopher Burdett' name footprint online.

RAWR! Tumblrs for one and all! Even the cat!

Tumblr seems like a perfect fit for a lot of the images I am generating with Instagram as well as a place to post silly reference photos, cat photos, old drawings, new sketches in the works, and maybe even some images from back in my Hollywood days. Basically, I realized it was a good place to post a lot of the images I have that just don't fit anywhere else in regards to my online presence. So we will see how it goes... I will try to post on a regular basis so there will always be something new to see.

So if you are so inclined head over to Tumblr and hit that 'Follow' button and then you can look forward to images, photos, and more!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, Monday is a holiday for those of us in the US, so I will be taking a day off from the blog (though if I actually stick to this plan will be another matter) so I will see you on Wednesday! Until then...

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