Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones

As mentioned last month the great and powerful Jim Pavelec is releasing a book project he has been working on for some time, "Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones". The Kickstarter for this book is ending in just 3 days, so if you want to take advantage of the Kickstarter incentives you better head over there and pledge your devotion and money! The link to the page is HERE.

Here is a short list of the artist that contributed to the book: Allen Williams, Allison Theus, ME!, Davi Blight, Jim Pavelec, Kim Feigenbaum, Mike Corriero, Mike May, Shreya Shetty, William B. Hand, Sam Araya, Paul Komoda, and Bob Eggleton. I saw a working copy of the book at Gen Con and it was super awesome and can't wait to see the finished HARDCOVER book. That's right, there have already been enough pledges to ensure that the book will be hardcover.

The cover of "Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones"

There are many price points to pledge at and lots of great incentives to get if you take part in the Kickstarter in the next 3 days. What are you waiting for? Head over to the "Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones" Kickstarter page, NOW!

That is all for today, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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  1. Awesome work! When will this be available to buy...I didn't see a release date.

  2. You can buy it now on the Kickstarter page and I think Jim said they would be shipping out in November. It is at the printers now. I have no idea when and where they will be available after the Kickstarter ends.

  3. Thanks Chris, I also re-posted this entry to my tumblr and if you don't mind; re-post it on my blog. Thanks for the info.