Monday, September 19, 2011

Geek Night 2011 wrap up

Geek Night 2011 has come and gone. A fun time hanging and drawing with Lee Bretschneider and Justin Peterson as we got to talk to the students of FSU about monsters, super heroes and thing with top hat and mustaches. Turn out was a little light compared to last year, but there was so much going on in Tallahassee Friday night that is not surprising. Still had fun and it was night to be back for our third year in a row. Enough talk, here are some picture from the night...

Geek Night 2011 table arrangement, now with 200% more signs.

A shot of us all lined up and ready to start the night. Lee Bretschneider was set up directly on my right and Justin Peterson was on the far end.

Lance the Fett and my wife take a break of all the Geek Night excitement.

I think Justin Peterson was the hit of the night with his fully digital set up. People could watch on screen as he worked on his Wacom Cintiq and then get a print out of anything he did that night. Justin always had a crowd of onlookers.

But in the end, we were no match for Droideka...

A big thanks to everyone at the FSU Union Productions for having us out again this year and to everyone that came out! I hope you all enjoy your sketch cards and that you had a fun time. I know I did! If you missed out on Geek Night, don't worry, it looks like I have another event coming up at the end of October again on the FSU campus! More on this soon!

That is all for today, it looks like I have a busy week on the blog ahead of me, lots to share! Until then...

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