Friday, March 11, 2011

Gobbler - Dreamblade

I have had miniatures on the brain lately. I will attribute some of it to the fact Mansions of Madness, which features a couple of my minis (more on this soon), is finally out in stores. I will also attribute some of it to the fact I am designing some new minis as we speak (more on this not so soon). In truth, I better just attribute all of it to that fact I really like miniatures, especially monster miniatures.

Today, I have for you a super secret, never before shown, unreleased miniature that I designed during the first wave of Dreamblade designs. This was a personal piece that I finished just prior to starting on Dreamblade. I submitted it to my art director and it was accepted and after a few minor tweaks. Two additional views later I had created the turnaround for what I called, the "Gobbler"...

© 2005 Wizards of the Coast LLC

This was one of my few post Los Angeles pre gaming industry pieces. I was still working on Bristol board for some of my work and using mechanical pencils. Of course, at the time I was so very proud of it... six years later I cringe a little (a lot) to share it with you, but it is important to show growth and development. Here is the evolution it took, from pencils to digital colors and finally to revised Dreamblade version...

"Gobbler" evolution
© 2005 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Unable to leave things alone, I got out my pencil and paper... Like the Boneblade Serpent I found some time to go back and see how the "Gobbler" would have looked if I had created it today instead of six years ago. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, not sure if it a better design, but I feel confident that it is a better drawing. ...and a lot more horrific.

Gobbler Redux
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

It pained me to no end to never see the "Gobbler" mini released. In time I have learned more about how the industry functions and that sometimes "them's the breaks, kid". Looking back now, I also see how the "Gobbler" would not have been the world altering miniature I thought it could be six years ago.

See you back here on Monday for the start of something fun and neat that I hope we can all learn from! Until then...

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