Monday, February 21, 2011

WIP Podcast Episode 22

WIP podcast episode #22 is now live, so head over and give it a listen! The entire episode is dedicated to marketing yourself as a freelance artist. If that is not enough of a draw, the episode also features an interview I recorded with the whole WIP gang at Illuxcon last year! I talk at length about my blog and the trials and tribulations of posting three times a week as well as my thoughts on marketing yourself and getting your name out there. Hopefully all my rambling and load breathing can be helpful!

So, just to clarify... RUN, don't walk on over and give a listen to WIP podcast episode 22. I am in the process of getting my thoughts together on what I have learned and discovered about my blog and website since the interview. Hopefully I will have that together later in the week. Many thanks to the Himmelman and Mohrbacher clans for letting me crash their party again and again!

For those not familiar with the WIP Podcast, head over to their website and check out everything that have going on!

See you back here on Wednesday for some more blog fun! Until then...

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