Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Marquis and Babe Sapien

As mentioned before here on the blog my wife is part of the local roller derby league and goes by the name, Babe Sapien. She has a been a huge fan of the Hellboy and BPRD comic books for years. Specifically, as if her name was not enough of a give away, she really relates to the fish out of water character, Ape Sapien. A lot of what has drawn her to this character are the BPRD story lines and the way artist Guy Davis has depicted Ape over the years.

Last year I sent Guy a friend invite on Facebook and crossed my fingers. After he accepted I sent a message to him to see if he was taking commissions and told him all about my wife and her derby name. I wanted to surprise my wife with a one of a kind Christmas gift that only Guy could help make possible. Guy flattered me with the offer to do an art trade for the piece I wanted and in return he asked that I do a piece based on his character, The Marquis. I jumped at his offer and got to work on my end of the trade...

"The Marquis and Devil" by Christopher Burdett
© 2011 Guy Davis

In return Guy produced a truly awesome piece. It was a real nail biter due to jury duty, blizzards and life, but Guy's drawing arrived right before Christmas. My wife was blown away by it to say the least. Unfortunately, I have so out done myself that all other gifts that I give her will be compared to it and will be found wanting! I give you, Babe Sapien...

Babe Sapien by Guy Davis

We recently got the piece framed and is now on display in a place of honor in the house. My wife is still telling everyone about it and I can't blame her. A HUGE thanks goes out again to Guy for being such a great sport about this piece and going above and beyond my expectations!

Babe Sapien by Guy Davis all framed and on display!

Please take a moment and check out the work of Guy Davis and his blog about The Marquis. Loads and loads of awesome art and marvelous things for your eyes. You will not regret it!

See you back here on Friday! Until then...

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