Friday, March 8, 2024

NEW Spectator Miniature

I have another recently released miniature that is based on my designs that has also already been turned into multiple miniatures. Last week, it was the Hydroloth, but today is the return of the Spectator. Again, I am speaking loosely with the word 'new,' when this mini came out this past October. If you are curious about the first Spectator miniature or even the most recent 2D mini, I have you covered. Here is how the final concept design for the Spectator turned out.

Spectator (originally Gauth during the concept push)
5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster concept
© 2014 Wizards of the Coast

Who can't love a floating ball with a single eye, teeth-filled mouth, and tentacled eye stalks? While I have been a fan of all of the Spectator miniatures, this one is particularly nice. The paintwork and detailing is great and really make this monster look cool. Here are some images of the new mini.

The NEW Spectator miniature for all your new Spectator miniature needs.

Lastly, here are some images of the original Spectator mini so you can see how it has evolved over the past eight years. While the color on the original mini is closer to my concept, I do like the lighter green in the new version. 

The original Spectator miniature from 2015.

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here on Monday! Until then... 

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