Friday, November 10, 2023

Infected By Art Volume 11 - A World of Stories

While at IX last month, I was able to get my copies of this year's Infected by Art. I always look forward to getting my copies at the event, and it has become a bit of a tradition in that respect. This year marks the release of volume 11 of IBA, and once again, I have a piece included. A World of Stories from the upcoming The Completed Circle got a full page in IBA #11, and I think it printed great. Here are images of the book, my art, and my art in the book.

The IX exclusive cover for Infected by Art #11

A World of Stories
The Grand Bazaar of Ethra Dalia - The Completed Circle
16 x 20 - Pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper
Original - SOLD
© 2022 Christopher Burdett

A World of Stories in IBA #11

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