Monday, July 26, 2021

Discounted Unclaimed Magic the Gathering Artist Proofs AVAILABLE!

Early in my convention days, with my first Magic the Gathering artist proofs, I would have a person interested in a card with a drawing pay when they returned to pick up their finished card. From time to time, the person never returned, and I was left with an AP with a drawing on the back and no home to go to. Eventually, I started requesting payment upfront, and cards were no longer left unclaimed at the end of a convention. It has been a while since I did an in-person convention, and as I begin to prep for events to start happening again, I have started digging through and sorting my convention materials. I came across these unclaimed cards, and I am now offering them 50% off to find a forever home. I even went back and did a little more work on the drawings to be more consistent with the quality I offer currently. If you have been wanted an AP with a drawing, this is the perfect opportunity to get one at a discount!



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