Friday, October 2, 2020

Numenera Creature Deck 2 - Return of the Rythcallocer

In 2015, I produced a series of monster paintings for the good folks over at Monte Cook for use in their Into the Deep Kickstarter. I was given an enormous amount of creative freedom that allowed me to have a lot of fun designing underwater monsters. It was one of those perfect assignments that usually come around when I am too busy to take them. This time it all worked out. While the monsters ended up being used as part of Into the Deep, some were used in other products, one of them being the Numenera Creature Deck 2. I believe this was put out around the same time that Into the Deep was released, but I only learned of it relatively recently. There is something about seeing my art of cards that I have always appreciated. I am sure it goes back to when I collected trading cards, played Magic the Gathering and Decipher's Star Wars game, and those early days of pining to work in the industry. Here is a look at the return of the Rythcallocer.

The Numenera Creature Deck 2

Rythcallocer, RAWR!

Numenera Ninth World Bestiary 2 / Creature Deck 2
12 x 9 - Acrylic and pencil on board  
Original - SOLD  
© 2015 Monte Cook

While all of the monsters that I made for this project were fun, this one was the most alien and still has a special place in my heart. The head area is a design I came up with in 2004/2005 for some personal work that never ended up being created. Always fun to reach back and bring something to life you envisioned so many years before. Glad to Rythcallocer getting to run around and play a little bit more than previously planned. 

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