Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Continuing Adventures of Life and Over 1300

UHG, life marches on and there is so much to do and never enough time. This will hopefully count as a blog post as things swirl into chaos (hopefully not, but possible). Day job is doubling down on requiring my attention. We are about to start a full kitchen renovation. And I have a lot of monsters to make. We are on a collision course with wackiness. Hopefully this will not effect the blog posts too much, though it is kind of effecting today's post. If I miss a day here or a day there, please understand that it is because of events far out of my control. I am going to have a bumpy month or two ahead of me and if something is going to suffer, it unfortunately will be the blog. When the dust clears, hopefully I will have some exciting news for you!

Yes, I am posting this again.
Yes, I like this image.
Yes, it serves many different roles here on the blog.

It almost went unnoticed, at the beginning of the month I had my 1300th post on this blog! I love milestones here on the blog, but sometimes they slide under the radar. It is funny though, I actually feel like I have done way more than 1300 posts. I have been doing this since February 2009, but 1300 is just about right for three posts a week for just over eight years. Things have been kind of quiet here on the blog lately, but I know people are looking at it. I will keep at it until I have nothing left to share!

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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