Monday, April 14, 2014

Taking a break: Skip Demon - Angel Season 4

The blog break continues as I am still overwhelmed elsewhere. In my absence, here is some stuff I have never shared from my days in the Makeup FX industry! Today I have for you the Skip Demon from season 4 of Angel...

Skip came about in season 3 of Angel, long before I was ever part of the show or had anything to do with it. The design and original creation of Skip are not my story to tell. What I can share is when he returned in season 4 when I had a chance to be one of the painters on all the pieces and parts that went into him as well as accompanied him to set. Since this was an established monster and makeup I followed the art lead and did what he did to make sure Skip stayed consistent.

While I was one of the painters and went to set with it there was an entire team of my skilled coworkers that saw the the sculpting, molding, casting, and everything else that went into seeing this creature come about.

Enough talk, here is the Skip Demon...

Skip returns to Angel to meet his maker.
Say goodbye, Skip... 
"Goodbye, Skip."

The original plan was to have Skip receive a fatal blow to the head which would crack and break his face. A new face piece was sculpted by the design lead... and was never used. Too much time and effort to switch out the face piece on set since the filming of 'clean' face and 'broken' face would happen on the dame day and loosing hours to switching out the makeup is not in the schedule.

This was the extent of the design work that I did for this episode. I took the photo of the makeup and added the wound color to show production the look for the planed makeup. All of this work went into the before production finally gave the word that it was not happening. We would have to do something else that was quicker.

One of the old Skip suits is cleaned up and readied to be the stunt suit.

Here is all the parts and pieces that go into Skip besides the suits.
I was one of the two painters that made these happen.

Skip and a stunt Skip filmed for two days, so we needed four cowls and four face pieces and a backup of everything else.

Here is a compromise to the broken face makeup... not ever sure this was actually used except as a reference point for the makeup department to figure out something on the day.

Skip on set hanging out.

Showing a little leg for the fans...

Broken face is happening...

A detail of broken face coming together.

Final broken face. Not much more then makeup at this point. A far cry from the separate all new sculpture it could have been.

The actor that played Skip at the shop with a huge painted banner of Skip. And yes, that is the guy that originally dated Pam on the Office.

Mr. Beefy and Skip are best buds... or not...

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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