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Taking a break: Frotor Demon - Angel Season 4

The blog break continues as I am still overwhelmed elsewhere. In my absence, here is some stuff I have never shared from my days in the Makeup FX industry! Today I have for you the Frotor Demon from season 4 of Angel...

Before you say anything, yes, I have already shared the Frotor demon with you. In fact, it was in October of 2010 that I shared it with you as well as showed you how I would have designed it if that assignment had come to me in 2010 rather then 2003. While you think you have seen everything to do with the Frotor Demon, I still have some never before seen images and secrets to share!

Not to repeat myself, but this demon had some info that Angel needed and in the process of questioning him this demon gets his head slammed down on a bar top. There was some mention of a horn to grab, maybe some talk of a be forehead to make it easier on the actor... after all this time... does it really matter? Monster... I designed it... it was on the show... years later I redesigned it... and now it is on the blog again! EXCITING!

While I was the designer on this monster there was an entire team of my skilled coworkers that saw to the sculpting, molding, casting, and everything else that went into seeing this creature come about.

Enough talk, here is the Frotor Demon... 
RAWR! I am still the Frotor Demon! I still won't open my eyes for some reference photos.
The actor portraying the Frotor Demon really liked to tell us how he had been a Ferengi. Mentioned it several times. Not sure if he thought it gave him street cred or was trying to impress us. Star Trek Enterprise was filming in the sound stage next to the Angels sound stages at the time, it took a lot to impress us back then. that day we ran into Patrick Stewart, that was impressive... most impressive...

Here is the original concept that was sent to production - I shared this in the original post in 2010 about the Fortor.

What you have not seen are these recently unearthed original thumbnail sketches that I did when trying to come up with an idea for the Frotor. Looks at those bad bad drawings. These were mocked openly at the time. I know they are bad... but have some respect. That first one was obviously selected long before I could really get any work done on the other thumbnails.

Look what else I found while digging around! It is the actual original final drawing for the Frotor Demon! Ever wanted to own a piece of Angel history? These could be yours for the right price! Send me an email if you are interested! RAWR!

Here are some images that have never been seen of the painted makeup pieces. I took these as reference if this creature ever had to be painted again... which I did. The boss man did the original and I did the second set.

Here are some more images of the painted makeup before it went to set. I sometimes felt like we could send drastically different painted sets of makeups and no one would notice. We spent a lot of time and effort making things match that were on screen for second if not less.

Horn details! Got to make sure you get everything the same each time.

Don't forget the hand and arm appliances. Those are important too!

Back on set and the makeup is on the guy that once played a Ferengi.

Get all the sides and all the details...

Notice how there looks to be areas were the paint seems to be peeling and rubbing off? Look at the neck and the base of the 'skull' in line with the horns. Those light areas are not detail, but rather where the paint has rubbed off of the foam latex. This happens most often when not enough adhesive is added to the base layer of paint. Easy mistake and happens from time to time.
Just prior to this monster, that I did not paint, I did paint a makeup and I made this mistake of not enough adhesive and the paint rubbed off and there was some peeling. I caught ALL kinds of hell for that. Many questionable things were spoken of me and my skills. Funny... that a week or two later that it just so happens to occur on this makeup... that like I mentioned, I did not paint. Not a lot was said about this peeling makeup...

WOW! Somehow those hand appliances turned into full gloves... how did that happen?!?!
No, really, how did that happen? We never did find out.

Lastly, we arrive on the Frotor Demon that I redesigned in 2010.
Looking at this now... I would totally do it differently in 2014... Funny!
Taking the Frotor Demon back!
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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