Monday, April 21, 2014

Magic the Gathering - Journey Into Nyx

Journey Into Nyx, the newest expansion for Magic the Gathering, is almost upon us and I have one card in this set! It was actually spoiled two weeks ago, but since I have been taking a bit of a break from the blog I have not had a chance to post about it until now.

My contribution to Journey Into Nyx, the Ravenous Leucrocota, was another opportunity for me to not only illustrate the card but to design the monster featured on the card. As I have mentioned many times here on the blog, I really love designing and illustrating the monsters that I work on. Like the Breaching Hippocamp the Ravenous Leucrocota is based on a preexisting mythological creature. Enough talk, bring on the RAWR...

"Ravenous Leucrocota" - Magic the Gathering - Journey Into Nyx
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© 2014 Wizards of the Coast

Ravenous Leucrocota

In the coming weeks I will bring you the process that went into designing and illustrating the Ravenous Leucrocota. As always, many thanks goes out to Jeremy Jarvis for including me on this set! It is a real honor to be sharing this set with so many amazing and talented artists.

That is all for another very exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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