Friday, April 4, 2014

Taking a break: Background Demons - Angel Season 4

The blog break continues as I am still overwhelmed elsewhere. In my absence, here is some stuff I have never shared from my days in the Makeup FX industry! Today I have for you the several Background Demons from season 4 of Angel...

Background Demons... for when you want to make the Buffy-verse seem full of monsters and demons but don't want to spend a lot of money and they don't need to do anything.

I always had a soft spot for the Background Demons. Most of the time (all the time) they were new combinations of existing makeup pieces that were modified or changed and then given a new and exciting paint job. We would cast new pieces, nothing old was used... mostly. I got to make a bunch of these during my time on Buffy and Angel and really enjoyed making them. They were rarely seen on screen, but I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted and could use the opportunity to work on my skills in a low stress environment. As low stress as it got at least.

As always I wish I had more images of these, especially process shots, but at the time the idea of ever needing or wanting photos of that stuff seemed crazy. These images only exist because we needed to make sure we had a record of the paint job and part combination so that if they were ever needed again for additional filming that we could maintain continuity.

The original elements were designed, molded, and cast by others, but I was responsible for the assembly, changes, and paint work on them. Some are better then others... but I was learning.

Enough talk, here are the Background Demons...

It is everybody's favorite Background Demon, Fish Lips. RAWR!

Not sure the flash is doing Fish Lips any favors, but you can get a better look at what is going on in the makeup.

The actor waring Froglizard was TOTALLY over it.
I think he was channeling the honey badger... RAWR!

There is not a lot going on paint wise with this one. Feels a little muddy and all over the place. Live and learn!

Green + Red = Demon paint job?
Sure, why not!

Sadly, I am not sure this one got a silly behind the scenes name... maybe that is why he looks so angry... and monochrome. RAWR!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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