Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gobber Tinker - Warmachine - Privateer Press

Way back in February of 2012 I worked on a Warmachine Gobber miniature design for the good folks over at Privateer Press. That miniature is now out and I am happy to share it with you today! You might remember my Skorne Mammoth also from the Warmachine line that I shared with you earlier this year. Due to the prolonged complexities of miniatures the gap of time from design to release can be pretty hefty. Enough talk, bring on the Gobber...

Gobber Tinker - Front
© 2013 Privateer Press

Gobber Tinker - Back
© 2013 Privateer Press

The idea behind this little guy is that he is a roving "Mr. Fit It" and carries everything he needs to fix up a damaged Warjack. It was a pretty straight forward piece... I just had to get my head around the very specific established Gobber design and make sure what I designed would fit on the mini base. As with most Privateer Press design work I have done, it continues to evolve once it leaves my hands. Here is how the final production miniature turned out...

Gobber Tinker final production miniature
(Image courtesy of Privateer Press)

As an added bonus, here are a bunch of my designs and concepts that went into the different parts and pieces of the Gobber Tinker. They are in no real order but you can see how this piece came together...

Various Gobber Tinker roughs and concepts
© 2013 Privateer Press

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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  1. I love the various roughs. Any chance you could post a larger version so I may better ogle the details of your conceptual genius?

    1. Trust me... smaller is better. There is nothing you are missing in there. My early scribblings can be gold and then they can be very much ... NOT. I generally show the better ones nice and big. Like the thumbnails for my D&D illustrations. For some of these PP minis I had to do a lot of wandering and exploring to find the path and some of that exploring is not very pretty.