Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain - miniature

About a year ago I designed a miniature for Blitzkrieg Laboratories and I am pleased to share my design as well as the finished miniature with you today. I was asked to design a hobgoblin riding a warg and I was instantly interested. They already had a base hobgoblin design that I needed to stick to but the rest was up to me. This is how the final design turned out...

Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain
© 2013 Blitzkrieg Laboratories 

I remember this project moving along quickly and it was one of the smoothest interactions I have had for a miniature design. Hard to go wrong with a hobgoblin riding a giant wolf! Jump ahead a year... the production miniature is now available from Gorgon Studios and there are other hobgoblins to choose from too! Here is how the Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain miniature turned out when it is all painted up...

Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain - Painted miniature
(Image from Gorgon Studios)

You might notice some changes that the sculpture implemented, but the piece is true to the design and I think it looks great. I got some of these guys in the mail this week and it is a really nice piece to hold in the hand. This is the first of my miniature designs to be released in metal which is pretty cool. Everything up until now has been plastic... so this really hits home with the miniatures that got me interested in D&D and well, miniatures. Here are some images of my copy of the Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain...

Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain - unpainted miniature

Complied below are my roughs and comps for this miniature. Like I said, it felt like this miniature came together very quickly and I had completely forgotten some of the variations I was playing around with. I still like the idea of the front heavy warg, though I don't think I pushed it enough here... they feel... inflated. Hurm, maybe I was moving a little too fast...

Hobgoblin Wolfrider Chieftain - concepts
© 2013 Blitzkrieg Laboratories

This was a really fun project and I hope that I have another chance to work with Blitzkrieg Laboratories. If I do you know I will be sure to share it here on the blog when the miniatures are released!

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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  1. I love everything about this! The goblin feels very Mongol, the worg's underbite and tusks are brilliant touches, and I always dig seeing your process pieces. The detail of the worg's jutting hips, and the various rider outfits/saddles really show your dedication and skill.

    Superb work all around. It's especially cool that you got a metal mini.

    1. Many thanks! I did inherit the over all hobgoblin design from them, but the rest was more or less my doing. Miniatures can be a very collaborative project with the designer and sculpture bringing a lot to the final creation.

      Yeah, I am very happy with how it all turned out! :)

  2. Such a privilege to be able to see the thinking behind one of my favourite minis of all time! Really love your implementation of the Blitzkrieg/Hodag hobbo vision.


    1. I have links in the post above, here here is a direct link to where you can get it...