Saturday, November 10, 2012

lluxcon 2012 - Day 2

Illuxcon V Day 2! The lectures, workshops, and demonstrations have begun and the level of awesome went up a notch! Due to a late night and an early I was dragging a little through the day, but I was making the best of it and there was plenty to tantalize the eyes and spirit. Illuxcon is a environment for very little sleep and a whole lot of things to do and see. But I digress from my my tales of sleep deprivation...

The day started off for me with a lecture by the always informative and entertaining Winona Nelson. She talked about how the creative mind works and how how best to use it and keep it rest and working well. It was a very informative lecture and I am looking forward to her second lecture on Saturday, hopefully I can make it. The next lecture I was not going to miss was the lecture by Jane Frank about the things that artists and collectors do that bug each other. Do not pass on a chance to listen to Jane speak or to have have a chance to talk to her. After the lectures I walked the main show floor taking everything in and talked shop with my peers. The hall closed at 5 today to allow enough time for everyone to get some food and to get ready for the the Showcase at the Ramada.

This was my third Showcase and it was nice to be back. There were a lot of old faces and a lot of new faces. I set up next to fellow Shadowcore member Mike Sass so we had a unified presence. It was a fun night of talking to folks and showing off my new work. At one point I looked to my phone to see how much time was left because it felt like it should be ending soon because so much had been going on... and it had only been an hour. That is the great thing about the Showcase, it is condensed and concentrated awesome, everyone attending Illuxcon has 4 hours to take it all in and they come over in mass.

Due to my exhaustion and my lecture at noon the following day I had to forgo any festivities after the Showcase and headed to bed to catchup on my rest. I need to be my best to for my lecture with Jon Schindehette. But there will be more on that tomorrow, for now, here are some pictures from the days events...

 A look around the main show at the beginning of Day 2.

 Winona Nelson giving her lecture.

 Jane Frank had some technical issues with her Power Point presentation but was a trooper and put on a great lecture from her notes.

 Another of Tom Kuebler's wonderful sculptures. RAWR!

 There was painting on the main show floor.

 Another look at the main show floor before everything closed for the day.

 My Showcase set up. Peddling my wears. Drawing monsters. RAWR!

 Shadowcore represent! Mike and I are ready to rock and roll! Mike had a ton of his gorgeous new oil painting with him and they are a feast for the eyes.

 Sketchbook monsters! RAWR!

 More sketchbook monsters!

 A look around the Showcase. This year it extended out into the hallways from the ball room.

 Even MORE sketchbook monsters! RAWR!

 Ditto... RAWR!

 Close to the end of the night at the Showcase. Things are just about to wrap up. A day well spent!

That is all for Day 2 of Illuxcon V! Day 3 is ahead of me and my lecture! More on all this tomorrow. Until then...

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