Thursday, November 8, 2012

Illuxcon 2012 - Day 0

It is upon again! Illuxcon! As with previous years it begins with a long day of airports and flights. Today's journey took me first south to Tampa, then north to Washington DC, and then finally to Altoona. The last leg of the journey I was able to share with Mike Sass, Andrew Vallas, Todd Lockwood, and Jon Schindehette. This made the wait in the airport and the journey rather enjoyable. Mike gave us all a sneak peak at his oil paintings he brought with them - which are awesome! Chris Rahn should have also been with us on the flight but due to some travel issues earlier in the day he was now arriving on a much later flight. We all rolled into the now familiar Altoona Ramada and got checked in and settled. Groups gathered and went out into the chilly Altooona night in search of food and a quiet place for conversation and catching up. Fun times! Even more folks were gathered in the bar at the hotel by the time we got back from dinner and a very tired Ralph Horsley finally arrived. After much talk and headed back out to the airport to pick Chris Rahn up so that he was not stranded out there in the middle of the night. This marked the end of a very long day but it was great to catch up with Chris and even better to lend a helping car.

Day 1 is head of us and hopefully we have all rested and recouped from our journeys. Set up begins at noon and the amazing and awesome work will soon be up on the walls for all to see. Really looking forward to it, and I will do my best to get pictures of it all and post them here!

 Tiny plane was tiny... the first leg of the trip was interesting and a little rough. I was sitting in the very back of the plane and had a clear view of the controls of the plane.

Last looks before take off in Tallahassee.

While waiting of my flight in Tampa I was able to finish a drawing I started the night before while awaiting election results. Once I am home and have a chance to scan it will make an appearance on the blog.

Gratuitous image out the window of my flight...

MORE gratuitous images out the window of my flight.

The last leg of the journey was  a slightly larger plane then I started the day on, but again I was sitting in the very back and had a couple glimpses of the cockpit.

 Ghosts and apprehensions... Familiar faces appear in the darkness for food and terrific conversation. THIS is the magic of Illuxcon and what makes it so special. 

That is all for Day 0, be sure to check back in tomorrow for a highlight of the events of Day 1! Until then...

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  1. I hate flying, but I think ending the day with drinks with Todd Lockwood and Company would be soooooo worth it! Good luck with set up.

    1. Thanks! It was! Illuxcon is this amazingly awesome special event that really not to be missed. So many awesome people all in one place and they are all approachable. It will be even bigger and better next year.

  2. I can't believe I'm missing out on this again! But I'm so glad I get to follow your excellent blog about it all:D makes the whole part of being stuck in Norway a lot more bearable. So super thank you for blogging your trip, it's a blast to see/read all your cool experiences:D

    1. You are very welcome! It is such a awe inspiring event that I have to share. I am glad you are enjoying my coverage of the event. I feel that everyone needs to know what Patrick and Jeannie are doing in Altoona for the art community.