Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Illuxcon 2012 - Wrap Up

I am back from Illuxcon 5 and getting back into the groove of work. First and foremost I would like to extent huge thanks to Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire for everything they do to make Illuxcon happen. Their hard work and effort allows us all to have an amazing and memorable 4 days of Illuxcon. Illuxcon is super amazing and awesome each year in its own different and unique ways. Hard to compare them all, I have gotten something new and different out of each one.

Next year it will be all shiny, new, and different in Allentown, Pa. I can't wait!

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Here are some last images to conclude Illuxcon V...

 A better scan of the alien portrait that I drew in the workshop led by Lars Grant-West.

 The flight out of Altoona at 5:30 am was just for us Illuxcon attendees apparently.

 One last gratuitous images of a plane to conclude the trip.... RAWR!

That is all for Wednesday and for Illuxcon 2012, see you back here on Friday for usual blog stuff. Until then...

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