Friday, March 23, 2012

Arkham Horror Monsters - Wave 2 (Part 2)

On Wednesday I brought you the first part of the miniatures that I designed for Wave 2 of the Arkham Horror Monsters. Today I have for you the final two monsters from the set, the Yithian and Proto-Shoggoth. I saved the two largest miniatures for last, because when it comes to miniatures, bigger is better (sometimes, IMHO)! Here are the miniature turnarounds...

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

I took some pictures of the miniatures so you can compare how the finals turned out compared to my designs. It is always interesting to see what has changed and how my designs were interpreted by the sculpture. I think overall of these two (and overall of the five) I am most pleased with the Proto-Shoggoth, I would have liked to have seen more of the skin texture carry through, but it is just such a weird thing I am happy to see it in plastic. See for yourself...

Yithian Miniature

Proto-Shoggoth Miniature

Here is a group shot of my five miniatures so that you can get a feel for the size of each one. Not a bad looking lineup if I do say so myself!

Arkham Horror Monsters - Wave 2
(Just mine, this is not all of them)

This officially marks the half way point. Nine of my designs have been turned into little plastic monsters and I have nine still waiting to show their madness inducing faces (if they have faces). Hopefully the nine that have not been released yet are still on the way! I have my fingers crossed and am staying hopeful. You can be sure that once they are available you will hear about it here on the blog!

That is all for another madness filled week on the blog! I should be back here with something else new for you on Monday as long as the delivery date I was given is accurate! Until then...

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  1. Fun Post! It is cool to see your original designs/drawings and then the final figure. The Proto-Shoggoth is sweet.