Monday, February 6, 2012

Nexus Ops - Part 4: Rockstrider

I am devoting this week on the blog to the remaining work that I produced for the new release of the Nexus Ops board game. This second week is completely devoted to giant alien monsters with tiny humans riding them. Kicking things off I have for you an grumpy turtle! I present to you the Rockstrider...

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Rockstrider miniature turnaround
© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Production miniature for the Rockstrider
(With new and improved spiky butt!)

With all the work I produced for Nexus Ops I really tried to base aspects of the designs on real Earth animals to give the creatures a little more believability. It may just be the colors and textures, but I wanted to be sure that there was some realistic element to each one. With this particular design from the the thumbnail that started it off I had in my mind a grumpy turtle. When it came time to paint the illustration I made sure to look at a lot of images of box turtles (since I have always been fond of bx turtles and they have amazing markings) to influence the coloration and patterning on the Rockstrider. To me at least it has a grumpy turtle feel, not sure if that will necessarily be communicated to everyone that see this design, but at least I know what it is!

If you missed any of the other designs you can see them here: Human, Fungoid, Crystalline, Rockstrider, Lava Leaper, and Rubium Dragon.

See you back here on Wednesday for another GIANT MONSTER! Until then...

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