Friday, February 3, 2012

Nexus Ops - Part 3: Crystalline

Wrapping up this week of Nexus Ops designs I have for you another monster. If my memory serves me this critter is also a enslaved worker for the humans. Where harsh conditions prevent the Fungoid from entering the Crystalline is put to work. Made of rock and crystal the Crystalline will toil under the most harsh of conditions...

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Crystalline miniature turnaround
© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Production miniature for the Crystalline

I had a lot of fun with the Crystalline. Whenever I get to do something a little out of the norm I generally have a lot of fun seeing what I could do with it. In this case the Crystalline is made of crystal which allowed me to work with surfaces and textures I usually don't work with. Prior to this I had been really wanting to try my hand at something along these lines, funny how things work out. Needless to say I looked at a lot of reference when I came to painting the illustration and I am really happy with how this one in particular came out. I was a little surprised with how quickly it came together, but pleased none the less.

It is funny how things are cyclical, as I mentioned I had been really wanting to create a rocky kind of beast and once I was done with the Crystalline I wanted more. It just so happens that while working on these in my spare time I was reworking some of my designs from Angel. While flipping through my options I came upon the Quartz Neck demon... and well, it ended up being more then the neck that was quartz. I think I recall eluding to the fact that I had crystalline monsters on the brain...

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That is all for another exciting week of new work on the blog, see you back here next week... for another week of new work! Until then...

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