Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nexus Ops - Part 2: Fungoid

On Monday I brought you the first of the characters I designed for the new release of Nexus Ops, the Human. Now that the Human is out of the way, that just leaves all the monsters! Today to start off the monsters, here is a really fun guy... or is it, fungi? No, now I remember, it is the Fungoid! Giant mushroom man destined for manual labor under the harsh rule of the Humans...

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Fungoid miniature turnaround
© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Production miniature for the Fungoid
(they are only slightly bigger then the Humans and full of detail!)

The Fungoid was the first piece that I designed for Nexus Ops, granted I was working on them all at the same time, it was the first to be sketched out, drawn and painted. Previously to the getting this assignment I had been really wanting to working a big mushroom man, so I may have gone a little over the top with the mushrooms... or maybe not far enough... I am just thrilled with the amount of detail they were able to get in the mini and how true to the design they kept.

With all of the pieces in Nexus Ops I really wanted to give them a completely new look and feel compared to their counterparts in the first release of the game. With this in mind, I also wanted to be able to give a nod to the original game where I could, and with the Fungoid you can see this. A common motif in the original game was to give all the monsters multiple eyes, so I made a conscience effort to incorporate multiple eyes in two of the monsters.

If you missed any of the other designs you can see them here: Human, Fungoid, Crystalline, Rockstrider, Lava Leaper, and Rubium Dragon.

That is all for an exciting monster filled Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday for another Nexus Ops monster! Until then...

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