Friday, November 26, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to Thanksgiving...

While visiting my wife's family in Georgia for Thanksgiving we caught up with an old friend my wife had not seen in some time. He now owns a surplus business and while visiting him we got a tour of his warehouses and facility. Really amazing set up and an astounding selection and quantity of items, ranging from electronics to toys to records to traffic cameras. It was a lot to take in and really neat to see.

While walking by a random pile of collectible and books I saw something that caught my eye. Long fingers and claws beckoned me. As I approached I quickly realized I was looking at an old friend... an old friend that is a glove...

RAWR! I am a small part of a monster!

I made this glove while working on Buffy the Vampire and Angel. I think I made this for Angel, for the Sahrvin Demon army. I will need to do some research when I get home to know for sure. But I clearly remember painting it and recognize the wear and tear from filming. Not sure how this glove made it all the way from Los Angeles to Georgia but it was sure nice to see it again. This makes me wonder what else escaped LA and might be lurking out there in random boxes in warehouses.

See you back here next week, hopefully I will be back on my normal schedule. I also have a big number on the blog to celebrate. Until then...

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  1. Haha, that's bizarre! What did your wife's friend have to say about the coincidence? :)

  2. My wife thought it was a hoot. She was shocked I could recognize it after all these years. Didn't really get a reaction from the rest of the family.