Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Artist Fan Page

It has been on my 'to do' list for some time now and this past Labor Day Monday I finally had some time. I know you have all been clamoring for it and here it is, my very own Facebook artist fan page! You will need a Facebook account to fully experience it but since there are about 5 humans on Earth left without one it shouldn't be an issue. So head on over and click that happy little 'Like' button! You know you want to.


If I am already friends with you on Facebook expect an invite shortly. I also have a handy dandy 'Like' link over on the right of this blog if you prefer that. What are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook and go wild with the 'Like" button! The fan page will be your best source for big upcoming news as well as any appearances I might be having is a few weeks... *HINT HINT*

In other exciting news I have been invited to join the very impressive list of artists that take part in! It is an amazing blog of folks that specialize in creatures art! So many amazing artists and amazing visions of creatures. I highly recommend you stopping by and check it all out. I will begin blogging there as well in the very near future!

That is all for today. I will be back on Friday with something I am really excited about! Until then...

For more samples of my work or to contact
me regarding my availability head over to my website:

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