Monday, May 10, 2010

Quickling Runner - Dungeons and Dragons

I wracked my brain all weekend trying to figure out what I wanted to post here today since my previously planned idea feel through. I finally settled on the turnaround I did for the Quickling Runner for the Dungeons and Dragons miniature line. I felt it was fitting since the group I am Dungeon Master for meets today!

This is the last of the produced miniatures that I designed for the Dungeons and Dragons miniature line that I have to share with you. It was for the Demonweb expansion. This was another 4th Edition redesign that I was asked to take on. They had some ideas of where they wanted to go with the Quickling in 4th Edition, so I quickly got to work on some loose concepts.

Quickling Runner Concepts
© 2007 Wizards of the Coast LLC

They quickly settled upon a body type and I began working on a final front view. There were still some revisions that needed to happen with the feet and over all pose, but I quickly handled it.

The Quickling Runner at first was unsure of foot, but by the end he had a good understanding.
© 2007 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Now that a front view was agreed upon just like the hundred plus other miniature I have worked on I quickly moved forward with the rest of the views and we had our selves a Quickling Runner.

Final Quickling Runner turnaround
© 2007 Wizards of the Coast LLC

You can see how the Quickling Runner turned out in it's final production miniature form, HERE. That's all for today. I will be back on Wednesday with some work I just finished up and I am happy to share! Until then...

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