Monday, October 5, 2009

Shadowrun 4th Edition: Running Wild

I found out late Friday and confirmed over the weekend that in fact a book I worked on back in May is finally out. The book apparently hit shelves September 25th and I some how missed it until now.

Shadowrun 4th Edition: Running Wild is a new collection of creatures, critters, and all thing monstrous for the Shadowrun RPG Universe. I did 3 pieces for the book, one of which marks my first dragon to actually make it through to production. Which is pretty cool.

© 2009 Catalyst Game Labs
The great Feather Serpent (dragon) Hualpa holding court in the ruin of a city in the Amazon.

© 2009 Catalyst Game Labs
A subterranean environment with the Dour, Rockworm, Troglodyte and Wild Minotaur.

© 2009 Catalyst Game Labs
A wetland environment with a Afanc, Behemoth, Stymphalian, Shambler and Ghede Fly.

I should have several more new projects launching this month, so make sure you stop back by to see how they turned out!

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