Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Preview Night

The wife and I are in San Diego and beginning our 2009 Comic Con experience. So far so good. I am already getting that weird "I know you" feeling with half the people I run into, very odd. The big news already is that the Usagi Yojimbo art I submitted for the Souvenir Book made it in! You may remember when I posted it here. Not only did my piece make it in, but it shares a spread with a piece by Stan Sakai himself! How cool is that? Really looking forward to stopping by Stan's booth and say 'hi', been a huge fan of his for years now. Here is a bad photo of the Souvenir Book spread:


I will do my best to take lots of pictures (that may or may not be of interest to anyone else) and post them as often as possible. The convention center has great free WiFi while our hotel has pay by the hour crappy WiFi. So I will see how it goes. Don't forget my frequent and annoying twitter updates!

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website:


  1. i've been wanting to see what a con is like!
    i'll be looking forward to more pics!
    (congrats on gettin in the Usagi Yojimbo book!)

  2. I haven't seen that Usagi piece before, that's awesome! :)

  3. @Jeffrey - Hope you enjoyed my 'coverage' of Comic Con. My lack of easy internet access delayed some of my postings and didn't allow me to do everything I had wanted to.

    @Jan Thanks! I had kind of kept that piece on the down low since I was not sure if it had made it in the book or not. Now that it has i will be posting it up on all my sites.