Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Day Two

Another day of awesome interactions with amazing artists! Met Steve Ellis and got him to sketch in my Monster Manual 2. This was followed quickly with a really great meeting with Tom Baxa. He offered some helpful advice about my work and about being a professional freelance artist. A highlight of the morning was getting a very thorough critique and portfolio review from Todd Lockwood. I can not say enough good things about Todd Lockwood, it was a real pleasure and privilege to meet Todd. They do not call it the "Todd Lockwood Scale of Awesomeness" for nothing. If that was not enough, after showing Todd the sketches Steve Ellis and Jim Nelson did in my Monster Manual 2 he did a huge dragon sketch in the inside cover. WOOT! Needless to say I have really been enjoying my interactions with the other artist the best so far at the con.

The wife and I are really big fans for the Mighty Boosh so we took advantage of the panel event with the 5 stars of the Boosh. It was a bang up panel and they were hilarious. There were some rumors thrown around of a possible Boosh movie. Real enjoyable time and it was great to get off my feet for a little bit. Have I mentioned my blisters yet? Yeah, blisters... not so bad though in the scheme of things.

And then there was Patrick McEvoy and the Amazing Technicolor Digital Painting Seminar. MuYoung Kim and I made sure we where in the front row to Patrick's packed event. From my angle it looked like there was not a empty seat in the whole hall. Patrick showed off the piece that he just completed for Dragon magazine. I really great looking piece and lots of helpful tips and info about digital painting. Definitely going to be trying out some of the things I learned during the seminar. If that was not enough, we also got to see a piece Patrick created for Marvel's style guide. A completely different approach and style and even more helpful tips and info. Great times and a great close to the second day at the San Diego Comic Con.

Here are some more crappy photos of really cool stuff at the con. Enjoy!

The crowd around Star Wars central.

Scary to think there will be even more people tomorrow.

Crappy photo of pure awesome.

A very strange looking Cylon.

Might Boosh panel! Yes, we got in!


Patrick McEvoy in the flesh doing an AWESOME demo!

Ninjas can be hard to find in their natural environment, hopefully this helps.

Crappy photo of a NINJA!

Internet has been real spotty so each day maybe delayed from here on out, but I will get it all posted.

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day, seems like it is artist heaven. Those Iron Man suits look fantastic. Any chance of a photo of your MM2 cover, would love to see those sketches! Looking forward to your next update:)

  2. Cheers for posting these Chris. It's great to get a run down on exactly how the con goes, and seeing what a great time you have!
    And to see Patrick with his funky rock star hair cut certainly works for me! ;)

  3. Hey, great meeting you at the con, Chris. Cool pictures! I'm quite happy you thought the seminar was teh awesomez. Mighty fine photos there, too. :)

  4. I'm so frikkin jealous that you got into the Mighty Boosh thing. Er I mean Patrick's seminar.

  5. My fellow ninjas are so funny.

    Funny looking! Ha!

  6. @Purdy - Glad you are enjoying the posts! An awesome time all around. It is something that everyone needs to try at least once.... or five times. I thought everyone would enjoy some pics from Patrick's demo to see a real ninja at work! :)

    @Patrick - Great meeting you as well. The seminar was very informative and I will be trying some stuff that you talked about. Keep up the AWESOMEZ.

    @Jon - The Mighty Boosh ended right before Patrick's demo. It was a very awesome afternoon. They are all much funnier in person ;)