Friday, June 12, 2009

Who am I? Contest! - WIN A PRIZE!

Hey everyone, something new! Contest time! Win a signed print of my art!

Below are 6 sections from pieces of art that I have up currently on my web site. These sections are at 100% of the original pieces, can you tell which painting or drawing these belong to? If you can you have the chance to win a signed print of my art!

To win, head over to my website: then send me an email containing the number of the section and the name of the original drawing or painting that you believe it belongs to. Email to: Failure to do any of this will disqualify you.

Too hard? Too easy? You be the judge. Still working out some of the bugs and details, this is the first one after all! Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

* The contest in now over! Thanks to everyone that took part in my first contest challenge. You can find out the correct answers and see who won here!*

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website:


  1. This is a brilliant idea!
    I wish I thought of it. :)

    P.S. I tried to post this a second ago but it didn't go. I don't think.
    If there's a second post somewhere here, sorry.

  2. Only one post showed, so all is good.

    Glad you like the idea. It is a grand experiment and I am really curious to see how it all turns out. Make sure you take part! I have a feeling I be trying this again.

    No reason you can't try this idea for yourself or something similar. :)

  3. You're entirely too devious, sir. Entirely!

  4. Devious you say?! Not sure how to take that :)

  5. With the absolutely throat choking envy in which it was given...I a Compliment!


  6. OH! Okay, it that case... ;)

    No reason others can't do this or something like it. Actually, as of right now I highly recommend trying it. Though next time there will need to be some changes.