Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boneclaw Impaler

I have always liked the look and feel of the undead Boneclaw, so it was a real treat to receive the assignment to design a new Boneclaw for the Against the Giants expansion for Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. I did several early sketches that helped me get my head around the creature that I sent to the Art Director to get feed back as I narrowed in on a final creation.

First pass, just feeling out the creature, it currently has a very stiff pose.

Second pass, better, still stiff... but I feel I understand the monster now and can move forward with the supplied feedback and create the final. As a side note, my Art Director on this, Stacy Longstreet, in joking commented it felt like it was greeting people at Walmart. So....

...I took a couple of minutes and whipped this up and sent it back to her.

Third pass, much better and almost there, one final minor edit to the wrappings hanging off the left arm and I will have an approved design.

Final turnaround of the Boneclaw Impaler. To see how the miniature turned out, click here.

That's all for today, not sure what I will have for Friday... my schedule is rather a little full and I might have to skip my posting. Hopefully not.

If you already haven't, make sure you head over to ArtOrder and cast a vote for my Concept Tuesday submission by leaving my name in a comment at the bottom of the page!

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  1. What a cool job! And that's some excellent designing there Chris, nice one :)

  2. Thanks Scott! Yeah, designing miniatures has been one of my favorite jobs that I have had. If only I could find myself back on a miniatures project. It has been far too long since I have done any mini design.

  3. So that's what Evil looks like when it high-fives itself...

    Sweet stuff as always Chris. Seriously, cavity inducing it is!

  4. Thanks MuYoung! Glad you enjoyed the post. Encourages me to keep posting my mini designs.

    ...and yes, that is right before a very evil high-five... though they only can do it once on each hand.