Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Art of Amonkhet Book

File this under better late than never. Last week I finally shared the process that went into making the Festering Mummy painting for Magic the Gathering. Today I have for you the Art of Amonkhet Book that features the Festering Mummy. This came out in 2017 if I remember correctly, and of course, now that we are approaching mid-2019 I am sharing it. This is the second Art of Magic the Gathering I have had my work featured in. It is a gorgeous book filled with beautiful art, and I highly recommend anyone interested in seeing Magic art printed larger than a trading card to pick one up. Enough of my yammering, here are some images related to all of this.

The Art of Magic the Gathering - Amonkhet

Festering Mummy

Here again is the full art for the Festering Mummy in all its mummy glory, one last time.

Festering Mummy
Magic the Gathering - Amonkhet 
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14 x 10.2- Digital 
© 2017 Wizards of the Coast

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