Monday, February 19, 2024

Color MtG Artist Proofs for Pensacon!

*UPDATE* - All have sold. THANK YOU!

As mentioned over the weekend, I will be returning as a guest to Pensacon this coming Friday. I have some special surprises planned, and I can share one of them today! I plan to have (already completed) color Magic the Gathering available at all my convention appearances this year - and moving forward if the interest is there. As Pensacon is my first event of the year, it will be the first convention I am taking color proof that I have completed ahead of time. I will still be taking color orders at the show to complete after it is over, but this way, you can get one now and not have to wait or worry. I am sticking to the basics for this first group but focusing on some of my more popular cards. Here is how the Ancient Carp, Blufferfish, Festering Mummy, and Gudul Lurker turned out.

My Ancient Carp, Blufferfish, Festering Mummy, and Gudul Lurker Magic the Gathering artist proofs with color handmade art on the back.
Marker, ink, and acrylic paint of card.

For these, I wanted to pull directly from the original drawings for the card art. I have been working on a method to transfer images onto the backs of the cards, and this allows me a lot more options for my artist proofs. Historically, one of the biggest hurdles for me is working this small. I enjoy drawing much larger, and so getting a sketch on the back of the proofs that I was happy with has been a big challenge. Thankfully, I believe I have a solution, and these cards, along with many of my more recent offerings, are proof that my concept is sound. I am not sure if I will be making any unsold cards available online after the show or if I will be rolling them over to the next convention. I guess I will cross that bridge in a week. Here is a closer look at each card, and if you keep an eye on my socials, you might see some videos of the cards!

 Ancient Carp - SOLD
Blufferfish - SOLD
Festering Mummy - SOLD
Gudul Lurker - SOLD

That is all for my first surprise. As long as things get announced and finalized before Wednesday, I will have a lot more surprises for you then. If not, I will have a couple of surprises.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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