Friday, September 20, 2019

Egg Token - MtG - Commander 2019

I have been so focused on my book that many things are slipping by my attention. One of these things is that I had a new Magic the Gathering card resent released. In Commander 2019, I had the opportunity to paint the Egg Token. This is as close as I got to the Ixalan set as I got, but it still counts in my book. This one was a little stressful to work on, not only had it been a while since working on Magic I was (and still am) hard at work on my book when the assignment arrived. In the end, the card was approved, and the cards that followed this one were a lot more successful. Here is my Egg Token.

Egg Token
Magic the Gathering - Commander 2019
12 x 8.7- Digital 
Art Director - Taylor Ingvarsson
 © 2019 Wizards of the Coast

Since I was jumping back and forth from this piece and my book, I had to make certain sacrifices to get all the work completed. One of the things that had to go was the toned paper value study for this piece. Typically I produce a line drawing and a toned value study for each of my Magic pieces. There was not enough time to squeeze one more drawing onto my table, and so I had to let it go. This means there is only one original drawing for this piece, and here it is.
Egg Token Drawing
Magic the Gathering - Commander 2019
11 x 14 - Pencil on Paper
Original - SOLD
 © 2019 Wizards of the Coast

I am also not planning on making prints for this card either. I am not sure if there will be any demand, and I am moving away from making prints of client work anyway as I focus on my book. Also, I am unsure if and when I will see any artist proofs for these. These token cards are actually double-sided with other tokens, which is new to me. Here is how the printed version of the Egg Token turned out.

Egg Token in handy dandy card form

I hope to have time in the near future after the book is off my plate to talk more about this piece and share the painting process. There were a lot of ups and down with it as I worked on it.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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