Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gen Con 2018 - Day 0

Another Gen Con has come and gone in a blink of the eye and we are all left with great memories and a longing for more. Each Gen Con seems to fly by faster and faster and the best laid plans to see everyone and do everything go unfulfilled. That said, we had an AMAZING time! It was so wonderful to see everyone, meet so many new people, see such amazing art, and send some of my art home with folks. My original drawing sale was a huge success and while this was not my best year, it is most likely my second best when it comes to sales. I can not say it enough... it was so great to see everyone and to reconnect with art family. There is never enough time, no matter what you do, so the time we had was a gift. I miss everyone already and hope to see those that I can at IX and will count the days till next Gen Con to see everyone else.

I was clear to me that the winds of change are blowing and I am even more excited and determined to get The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia completed. I am ready to have the book with me at Gen Con and to be sharing my work with everyone and not just the work I have done for clients. I was invigorated at Gen Con to make my work and to share it with everyone there. More on this soon.

Here are some images and thoughts from Day 0 of Gen Con 2018 that involved travel and set up...

Once again it somehow all fit in the car. This year's challenge was the rain that lasted all morning while I was loading the car.

Passed some sort of mech or Transformer ... or something futuristic post apocalypse war cart.

Another year driving north and another year passing the rocket...

...and the dinosaur.

Made really great time this year and arrived in Indianapolis earlier. It really felt like I beat the surge of people that flood into town on Wednesday.

The table came together well and I was all set to peddle my wares during the best 4 days of gaming!

You never know who will see at Gen Con, like Darrenn Canton on a banner.

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for more coverage of Gen Con! Until then...

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